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The noise that is making Messi’s final years a...

October 7, 2017 Comments Off on What A Shit Opinion – Volume 1 Views: 377 Football

What A Shit Opinion – Volume 1

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I have decided to dedicate a part of this blog to making fun of certain opinions. The opinions included here will never make any sense yet people feel confident typing such amazing concepts. 

Argentina recently played a match against Peru. Messi’s career with Argentina has brought the absolute worst out of people. Out comes the football experts with breath taking opinions.

Let’s look at the important questions first:

Ah Deji Idowu who has Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo in her bio(of course she does) totally killed Messi. Poor Messi has nothing to show for his career. Maradona has THREE World Cups to show. That’s amazing because Argentina itself has two so Maradona literally won one on his own.

Ah yes! Beyond the fact that I don’t understand the structure of this sentence because at first he says scapegoated and then he says ‘he took credit for 2014’, the part that really spoke the truth is when he said Di Maria ran the show. He has a point, I still remember when Di Maria scored that amazing winner versus Iran and those goals versus Nigeria or that match winner versus Bosnia & Herzegovina. Also, let’s not forget to mention his run versus Switzerland and how he created Messi’s goal. As a matter of fact, Messi’s biggest contribution to that World Cup was getting injured after Di Maria’s pass.


That’s it guys, Ramy has discovered the real problem. Messi needed to evolve. How did no one think of that?  That’s a totally new opinion that I’ve never read before.


HA! You made Mich laugh. Talk about being biased! Imagine thinking Messi is a better passer than Kroos. Do these people even watch  football?


No Som bro, it really isn’t.

For real now, anyone who has watched Argentina knows that Messi creates the most, scores the most, and pretty much does everything. So as for point one, yes Messi carries a very unreliable team. When they win, it is almost always because Messi created or scored. It has been the case for years. Similarly, when they lose, it is only normal to blame the people who contribute less to the team, which happen to be Messi’s teammates and definitely not Leo himself.

I say Messi fans logic, in this situation, is pretty decent and backed up with proof. But Joseph thinks he just dropped a truth bomb.

I think this is the most straight to the point opinion I’ve seen about Lionel Messi. It is almost philosophical. It has truly inspired me. I want to sit down with Steven and discuss all the dimensions of his approach to life.


Missy! HA! Nice one Ibrahim! Messi is totally greedy and selfish and I have no idea how they still have the patience to put up with him. (Note that Ibrahim replied to a thread showing Messi creating countless chances for his teammates in Argentina).
My man Bob killed it!


My man Gigio is asking the real questions. He literally asked this on a thread of one of Messi’s best performances for Argentina recently. He is digging deep and is looking for answers. I love the dedication!!!


This is a guy randomly saying that Messi is Jewish on that same thread. Moving on.


Benjamin said let’s be truthful and only the truth came out. Messi is in fact very difficult to deal with. He has always made it clear that he cannot stand Dybala and Icardi playing with him. Then again, why would he? Imagine wanting to play with better players? Sick. SAY IT LOUD BENJI



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