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September 29, 2017 Comments Off on Luis Suarez is an enigma Views: 340 Football

Luis Suarez is an enigma

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What on earth is he doing? You catch yourself asking that question multiple times while watching him play. Whether he is on form or off form, Luis Suarez never leaves your mind alone. It is normal to ask questions and not truly understand him. After all, the man has done some of the worst and some of the most wonderful things. Yes, he is the type of person who can continuously pull off both to the extreme and make it seem very normal. Luis Suarez is an enigma and he will retire with no one truly understanding a thing.

Why did he say that to Evra? Is it a cultural thing that he did not fully understand at the time or is he basically a moron? Why did he bite that PSV player? Hold on, why bite to begin with? Out of all the physical offenses one can think of, the man decided that biting seems the most effective. First of all, it’s not. There is no second of all. Biting that PSV player was straight down weird but so is Luis Suarez himself. Luis went on to bite two other players: Ivanovic and Chiellini. Notice how Suarez always does it on the big stage. The first team was PSV, Ajax’s main rival. The second team was Chelsea, an extremely tough premier league competitor. The third and final bite came against Chiellini on the biggest stage of them all, the world cup. Even if “his mind does not take losing lightly”, that does not explain why he chose to bite. I mean, why not just shove or even punch the guy instead like any other furious footballer? It made more sense for Suarez to bite and football fans worldwide will never really understand why.

This is Luis Suarez for you. He is a man who will leave you with countless questions and no answers. And this aspect of Luis Suarez’s life does not apply only to violent or disgraceful acts but also to football as a whole.

He left the premier league with so many questions regarding that 2013/2014 season. Most premier league club fans, except Liverpool fans of course, decided not to give him the attention he deserved because of his previous disgraceful actions.That decision blinded them and made them forget about the questions they once asked.

The questions were the following:

  1. How did he manage to score 31 goals in 33 appearances in the premier league while not being the one who takes the penalties?
  2. How did he create the most clear cut chances for his teammates while also being the team and the league’s number one goal scorer?
  3. How did he pull off those weird through balls that almost always found a teammate?
  4. Why is he doing everything? He is a goal scorer. A striker. Why is he also creating? Hold on, why is he the league’s best at both scoring and creating?

And for others, the questions were more detailed. Why would Suarez shoot from there against Norwich? Why would anyone do that? Then again, he scored from midfield a year earlier. If you were to check most of his goals or the chances he created for Liverpool during his last year you would have different questions and very few answers for them.

Genius took a different and almost disguised form with Luis Suarez and it annoyed some and pleased others. Sometimes it looks like there is too much going on in his brain that only genius or disaster can come out. For me, my inability to understand Luis Suarez’s decisions in a football match only made me admire and want him more.

Football fans, who have been watching for some time, have the ability to guess every footballer’s next move. The less likely it is to predict a player’s next move, the more interesting this player is considered. This is one of the reasons why people find Lionel Messi more appealing than everyone else in football.

As I watched Luis Suarez during his first two and a half years for Barcelona, I saw looks of confusion on people’s faces. Why does Luis Suarez decide to go for a scissor kick so often? How do his through balls go from ridiculously inaccurate to the most accurate ball you’ve seen? How does he sometimes not realize that he’s a couple of yards offside and then trick a complete line of defenders multiple times all during the same match? Why does he fail to execute the simplest things yet pull of the hardest? Why does he so easily miss one-on-ones yet score screamers? Sometimes he cannot control a simple pass from 2 yards away and other times he’s one touch flicking the ball to a player on the other side of the field. Why is that?

You find yourself holding the TV screen internally yelling: “Suarez, please just decide if you are bad or not. Just decide if you are stupid or not”.

Fact is, he is bad. And he is one of the world’s best. He is very stupid. And he is a genius.

People have approached Luis Suarez in two different ways:

  1. Resent him because he confused them.
  2. Pleased by him because, again, he confused them.

Luis Suarez is that one girl you once fell for not because she was playing hard to get or because she was exceptionally beautiful, but because she played with every single brain cell you had. And to many people, that girl is actually the girl they hated, simply because she played too much.

Similar to anything in Luis Suarez’s career, there is no middle ground.

Fast forward to September 2017 and Luis Suarez has apparently lost most of what made him great. His skills on the ball vanished. His goal scoring ability has declined. Any ball he receives dies. He is misplacing passes and forgetting the offside rule. All around, he is becoming your usual aging footballer who is simply not good enough anymore. But, here is the thing, nothing about Luis Suarez was ever “usual”. As a matter of fact, during that same match where he was absolutely awful(Sporting Lisbon), he pulled off one of the best through balls of the season for Lionel Messi who then didn’t score.

The genius of Luis Suarez is still at work but his body fails to always execute. It is up to the Suarez, with the help of the fitness team and Valverde, to regain as much of his old form as possible. Luis Suarez on bad form means the team is back to 2014 and no one can afford that.

Regardless of the outcome of this, he will always be recognized for what he is: the player no one truly understood. An enigma.


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