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September 23, 2017 Comments Off on How many ‘F*ck Offs’ does your club’s official account receive? Views: 325 Social Media

How many ‘F*ck Offs’ does your club’s official account receive?

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It is probably not something you’ve wondered about before. If you have(high five), then by reading this you might finally get your answer.

Football fans are generally emotional people. They’re fun to be around when their team wins. However, when their team loses, hell breaks loose. To be exact, hell breaks loose on social media. To be even more precise, hell breaks loose on Twitter.

To get into the details of people’s frustration, I have decided to use the phrase “f*ck off” (Yes, I did just put that pointless symbol there) to identify the club/fanbase which happens to be surrounded by the most negativity.

The clubs I took into consideration are Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Juventus, Bayern Munich, AC Milan and PSG.

Results were collected from the 23rd of August until the 23rd of September. Around 5.4k tweets containing the phrase “fuck off” were sent to official accounts.

Bayern Munich

Life is good when you’re the German champion and no one really comes close to you. Although some fans started showing some frustration during the past month as the atmosphere around the club is just not right.

Bayern’s three main official accounts received only 27 tweets containing the phrase “f*ck off” making Bayern the club with the least number of “f*ck off”s.

AC Milan

The great Italian club is back. Well, they are almost back. With massive transfers and major change in the management, comes huge expectations. With huge expectations, comes a very angry fanbase that reacts whenever things go south again. These people have handled way more than they deserve.

The official account received 38 tweets containing the special phrase.


Another fanbase which is still pretty grumpy after that Champions League final loss is the Juventus fanbase. These people have had several heartbreaks so I get where they’re coming from.

They received 60 tweets containing the phrase.

But then again, the number of “f*ck off”s is still low compared to the disasters which are coming up next.

Real Madrid

The first club to hit a 100+ “f*ck off”s in the past month is Real Madrid.  Real Madrid have had a horrible start of the season to say the least and the fans aren’t having it.

However, their 116 tweets still seems low compared to the situation and compared to other clubs. I guess it’s alright sometimes when you’ve won two champions league titles in a row.


The only french club on the list is receiving some heat from their fans. Even though they’re in pretty good shape and they just signed Neymar, their fanbase is somewhat unsettled.

Their official accounts have received 118 tweets with that phrase.

Manchester City

Manchester City is also a club with somewhat unhappy fans. They did not win anything last season. Fans argue about the lineup, players, Pep, you name it. Well, they are pretty much like any other fanbase hoping their club wins big.

The official account received 286 tweets containing the phrase “f*ck off”.

Manchester United

Interestingly enough, the next club on the list is another Manchester club. Similar to any big club fanbase, the fans expect nothing but victories and good displays. And even when they get both, the fans will always find something to be mad about until Manchester United starts being Manchester United again.

The account received 473 f*ck off tweets in the past month.

FC Barcelona

The Catalan club has pretty angry fans. Even having Lionel Messi does not change the fact that the fans are upset at the board and pretty much hate any lineup the coach comes up with(benching Semedo is not cool, bro).

The club’s account received 511 tweets asking the club to, you guessed it, f*ck off.


The remaining three clubs on this list are all English clubs(obviously). Chelsea fans are sometimes angry at Conte, the lineup, the owners, or they’re really just in a bad mood for no reason.

The official account received 792 tweets containing the phrase.


Liverpool has another big angry fanbase. The matches against Leicester and Man City did not make things easier anyway.

Liverpool’s account is the second club on our list to receive more than a thousand “f*ck off” tweets in the past month.

The account received a total of 1207 unhappy tweets. 

But nothing really says unhappy like the last club on this list.


The man behind the Arsenal account probably hates his life and so do most Arsenal fans anyway.

During this past month the account received a total of 1841 tweets containing that phrase. I personally have a feeling that no club will compete with Arsenal in terms of how many f*ck offs one fanbase can generate.

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